2017 Manitoba High School Ringette Tournament

April 19 - 23, 2017 

Seven Oaks Arena - 745 Kingsbury Avenue


Registration Fee: $750.00
Open to ONLY 16 Teams

Send questions to Michelle Yorski
Rules and Application Form Rules and Application Form


Ringette 4 U is an instructor led Ringette program focused on developing athletic abilities in children aged 3-8.

This program is a mixture of skill specific lessons and split ice games to expand the skill level of its participants while having even more games and fun competition. All the lessons are packed with fun and encourage participants to try new skills while playing appropriate games for their development.

Learn more about the Ringette4U program.

Move it or Lose it

There is a new “Move it or lose it” rule sent down by Ringette Canada for the 2013-2014 season. Please ensure that all your teams and coaching staff are aware and understand this new rule.

If the ring carrier puts them self in a position that they cannot move the ring play will be blown down and the ring will be awarded to the other team, even if they DO NOT have second possession

The Team in control of the ring will keep possession of the ring if the defending team puts the ring carrier in a position that they cannot move the ring and ARE NOT ACTIVELY checking

The ring carrier doesn't have to just be moving forward. If they are able to go backwards to side to side and they choose not to then they have chosen to stop the ring and will lose possession.

If you have any questions regarding this rule, send an email to senior_official@winnipegringette.com

Coaches / Managers

If you want to sign your team up for tournaments you can find a listing on the MRA Tournaments Page.

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